Diary of a Gypsy Soul: Tips on how to go camping in Kenya when broke

Diary of a Gypsy Soul: How to Travel when Broke

Posted by Ida Kemunto on Nov 8, 2018 4:24:41 PM.
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Dear Gypsy Souls,

Let’s face it, your #Wakanda might be broke and sometimes “Mwezi iko corner” for like the whole year! At the same time, you don’t want to be asking “where did my 20s and 30s go to? How comes I’ve never left my village?”


My outdoor lovers, we have tips for you to #TembeaKenya without having to spend hundreds of thousands in this economy. We help you discover that outdoor freedom.

1. Travel with Friends

The more the merrier, the more the cheaper. Shared spaces cut down on an accommodation. Shared hurdles make great stories. Carry sleeping bags and inflate mattresses, these things come in handy (very portable). Just keep in mind that not every activity needs the group. Sometimes your friends want different things and that’s what makes all of us special. In your planning stage, consider everyone’s interests and how y’all will gain from it.

2. Use Public Transport

Not as luxurious as you would want it to be but it cuts down travelling costs by almost 5x, especially now that there are matatus and a bikes to almost anywhere. Some places you can even walk. Take that hike. Keep fit!

3. Go for Shared Luxury

Sharing is caring, but that’s absolutely not the point here. Some places offer very big rooms for two people. Talk to the guys nicely and they might compromise. A little above the norm price shared among 5 or so people will be totally worth it!

4. DIY/Use Own Necessities

Cooking at a camp is much fun and affordable than anything else. Learn how to pitch a 2-man tent and you’ll be surprised how much you will be able to cut on outsourced labour. Take the map, listen to instructions and go on a hike. (This will be a little limiting since there’s not much you can be allowed to do if you are not an expert)

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5. Meet People. Make Memories. Have Fun!

Goal #1 of any adventure. Gain the most from it. Make new connection, try something new, take that risk, grab that opportunity. Life is messy. Have fun in the chaos and unpredictability of it all. Believe in magic, fantasies and beautiful surprises from the universe – vow to live a life that will always keep your eyes sparkling. Be a Gypsy soul.



Above all, Communication is Key

A dynamic group is a delicate thing. Do not let things build up. The toxicity is dangerous. Have calm awkward discussions about the slight mistakes, probabilities and preferences. This is always better than the fiery arguments.