1. How much are patio umbrellas in Kenya?

    Patio Umbrella prices depends on;
    Fabric and size of the patio umbrella. We have 4  fabrics to choose from, PVCCotton CanvasRipstop canvas and  Acrylic Canvas . The patio umbrella sizes to choose from are 4-seater,6-seater and 8-seater. Check out our parasol umbrella here for more information.

  2. Which is better wood or aluminum patio umbrella?

    The performance of the two is determined by the environment. Aluminum is better for high wind areas, but wood can most definitely stand the test of windy environments as well. Although we always recommend putting down your umbrellas before storms, aluminum can bend or warp under prolonged high speed winds, where wood will not.

What is the best material for patio umbrellas?

Acrylic Canvas is the best fabric for outdoor patio umbrella because is is durable, stain resistant, and weather elements resistant.
It is also available in vibrant exciting colors .

Tourism & Camping

Are canvas tents waterproof?

Canvas is an extremely durable material and it does have some natural water resistance. However, during heavy rainstorms water will almost always seep through the fabric. Even though raw canvas has natural waterproofing properties it isn’t fully waterproof.

Is a canvas tent worth it?

Tarpo canvas safari tents are built for harsh outdoor and can withstand extreme climates. They can be used as semi-permanent or permanent shelters.

How long does a canvas tent last?

Depends on the quality of the canvas used to make the tent, how you treat it, how you transport & how you store it. They can last a year or 2 treated badly & a decade or a lot longer if treated well

Which tent is the easiest to put up?

Tarpo Safari tents come with a manual with easy to follow instructions for setting up tents.

Where are Tarpo tents manufactured?

Tarpo tents are manufactures in our workshop in Nairobi, Industrial Area on Road C.

We also supply quality Kenya tents in East Africa, Africa and outside of Africa.

Vehicle Covers

Are truck bed covers removeable?

Yes, pickup tonneau covers and lorry tarpaulin covers the can be unhooked, rolled up and secured safely behind the cabin to allow you to use the tonneau space as you please.

How long does it take to install a pickup tonneau cover?

Pickup flat covers take about 4 hours to install. The process involves tracing and fitting through out the process therefore we advise that you leave the truck with us for those hours.

How to clean vehicle tarpaulins?

Tonneau cover tarpaulins are cleaned by simply using a clean wet cloth and clean water to wipe off dirt. Use mild detergent to remove stubborn stains

What is a lorry tarpaulin used for?

A lorry tarpaulin is used to cover goods during transportation. They protect goods from elements like harmful UV rays, rain, dust and dirt

What is the best tarp material?

Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) is the most popular fabric for tarpaulins. This is because it is heavy-duty, multi-purpose and can withstand all elements.

What material is a pickup tonneau cover made from?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and hooks to secure it flat.

Are canvas seat covers any good?

Canvas seat covers are a sure bet at protecting you vehicle seats from dirt and sun damage. They are sewn to fit your seats and they look good aesthetically too.

How do you cover the bed of a pickup truck?

Pickup beds can be covered by using a flat cover tarpaulin like sheet made of PVC which is a waterproof fabric made of Vinyl.

How much does it cost to install a tonneau cover in Kenya?

The price of a flat cover for pickups is 15,500+tax Kshs

What is PVC Tarpaulin?

A PVC tarpaulin is a sheet used to cover items to protect them from dirt, UV rays, rain wind and all other elements. It has numerous number of uses including industrial use, vehicle covers, shade and so much more.

Where can I buy lorry covers?

Tarpo Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tarpaulin covers for lorries, trucks and trailers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Which tarpaulins are waterproof?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is water proof, Ripstop Canvas is also waterproof while cotton canvas is water resistant

Are canvas seat covers waterproof?

Cotton Canvas is water resistant to some extent. If it is exposed to high amounts for long period eventually the water will sip in.
Ripstop Canvas on the other hand is waterproof and makes very durable car seat covers.


What is agricultural Shade net

Agricultural shade net is a HDPE netting fabric that is used to shade and protect crops from birds

Where can I buy shade nets in Nairobi?

We stock and supply agricultural farm shade netting for crops in Kenya. We sell both wholesale and retail for green houses and seed beds.

How can I use a flexible water tank in a farm?

Flexible water tanks are quite an essential equipment for you farm. They have the following uses and purposes to make your farm more efficient and sufficient
1.) Water storage and harvesting
2.) Irrigation water
3.) Cattle and livestock water storage.
4.) Household water storage

How to store crop after harvest?

Storage tents are an efficient solution to farmers and growers to keep their produce after harvest. They are versatile and cheaper to construct than brick buildings.

What is the purpose of using shade net in a farm?

Agricultural shade net is used for raising nurseries of fruits and vegetable. This HDPE netting protects crops from natural weather disturbances such as wind, rain, hail, frost, sun, bird and insects.

What is a flexible water tank?

Collapsible or flexible water tanks are balloons like tanks made of PVC fabric .They offer versatile solutions for both the short & long term storage for a variety of liquids e.g water, oil, gas and so much more .

If you are looking for a portable tank, for liquid storage, then this is the one for you

How to dry grain cereals using HDPE sheets?

Even today, sun drying of grain remains the most common drying method in tropical developing countries.
Using HDPE sheets the grain is spread on the sheets where they can benefit from direct sun.  It is the most hygienic sun drying practice because grains become less contaminated with stones and other dirt. For extra protection the can be placed under a netting shade using agricultural netting.


What are emergency relief tents?

Emergency relief tents are rapid response shelters for people who have been affected by a disaster hence loosing their homes.
According to UN emergency relief shelters must provide the following needs: health, privacy and dignity, security and livelihood support.

Do Tarpo Relief Tents meet safety standards?

Our range of relief aid tents for arid and disaster-stricken areas,  meet the ISO 5912:2011 requirements for safety, performance, and fitness for use of camping tents.

 Our products meet UN, MSF, ICRC, and IRC standards. We manufacture and supply products for medical, logistics, and management support to ensure the smooth running of NGO in the difficult terrains they operate in.

What functions does Tarpo Industries play in the NGO Sector?

Tarpo is a leading disaster relief tents and related items manufacturer and supplier in East Africa offering a wide range of products that we have designed and fabricated at our premises over the last 40 years. Our experience and expertise in dealing with strategic humanitarian logistics and supply chain has made us a trusted supplier and partner to NGOs with activities in remote areas across Africa.

Raw Materials

What is the difference between PVC and Canvas?

Canvas can either is an organic fibre made of cotton. While Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) is a polyester fabric that can either be coated or laminated with vinyl.

What are advantages of cotton canvas?

– Effective in weather conditions (UV treated, rot-resistant and water-resistant)
– Substantial breathing and moisture-regulating properties
– Water and Dirt-Repellent finish
100% Cotton

Is Acrylic Canvas waterproof?

It is soft, comfortable and breathable. It is water resistant and quick drying. Acrylic does not promote the growth of fungus or mildew

What are the advantages of using Ripstop Canvas?

– UV Treated
– Mildew resistant
– Good tensile strength
– Breathable(microporous)
– Water-proof

What are advantages of Acrylic canvas?

Maximum efficiency to tearing due to stretching
– Substantial breathing and moisture-regulating properties
– High resistance to sunlight and weather elements
– Unsurpassed colour stability
– Tightly woven finish
– Mildew & mold resistant.
– Light weight

What are advantages of PVC?

– Waterproof
– Strong and durable
– Can be wiped clean
– Glossy or Matt finish
– Can be sewn, hot wedge welded or high frequency welded
– Suitable for all weather conditions