Exterior aesthetics of your house matter

Exterior aesthetics of your house matter

Of course, the exterior of a house matters a lot, especially if you are a person who values making a good first impression.

It is what sets the tone for the rest of the house. For your home to make a statement and radiate all the vibes you want, go for appealing and simple designs. For example, using neutral colours on the walls gives you a minimalist and chic look.

I am not against colour as it all depends on what you are going for. Your gate design should match the style of your home but will ultimately rely on your taste and needs.

Wrought iron is simple, elegant and unique. Going for a modern minimalist exterior is a good idea because it is a design that maximizes open spaces to achieve simplicity in form and function.

Pergola shade by Tarpo Industries

You can always change your cushion covers to your liking every few months to keep the spark alive! However, white or gray upholstery contrasts well with the dark furniture to give the place a more voguish and trendy look. It is also important to consider the materials the cushions are made of because different materials are better outdoors. You can go for a striped acrylic canvas that is resistant to scratches and stretching. It is also soft and easy to clean.

Outdoor spaces also require some TLC.

When thinking about outdoor furniture go for high-quality materials that can tolerate the harsh weather conditions outside as well as fitting your expectation and needs.

You are allowed to play with colours because the goal is to have an exterior that also blends with your interior. For the seating area one lounging sofa, two chairs and a coffee table is perfect.

Good quality rattan preferably in a dark color will make the place more pleasant. The furniture will match a wooden pergola that has been accessorized with acrylic canvas to provide some shade while still allowing some sun in.

Back Yard PAtio By Tarpo Industries
Pergo Car Shade By Tarpo Industries

The car shade should be simple but captivating to strike a balance with the aesthetic of the house. When thinking of a car shade in Kenya, you need to invest in something that is functional and provides versatility.

Upgrade your drive-way by going for a square shaped wooden pergola that matches the one at the seating area. Always choose a design that compliments those that are already there. Your pergola does not need to look traditional and boring. Elevate the structure with a green roof to make it unique and stylish. Being shaded by nature is incredibly beautiful. Alternatively, a waterproof cover would do.

Adding lights can boost your outdoor ambience and make you feel safer at night. String lighting will take your house parties to next level as they make your space more friendly and warm.

There are waterproof ones so you do not need to worry about the rain. You can use flowers to add some color.

Work with vases or mini pots to exude a calming effect. In order to get a captivating visual appeal, go for simple paving details and patterns that are more natural looking to blend in with the surrounding flowers. The end goal is to have the house of your dreams that is functional and comfortable