Getting the right fundi

Posted by Asim on Aug 11, 2020 2:43:46 PM

Choose an expert for your shade project

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Getting the right technician (fundi in Swahili) for your project is just as important as getting the right materials

There are people who settle on buying materials first and then finding a fundi while others choose to use a professional fundi from the place they get the materials. The latter is a better idea than the former for many reasons.


Professional fundis always understand the manner in which materials are handled, stored and used for the required task. If you use a fundi from the place that you purchase your materials from, you benefit from their vast expertise and network.

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Working with experts translates to risk mitigation for safety and brings professionalism as well.

Most installation projects involve sharp objects, working on ladders and tools that might be dangerous if used incorrectly.

It is only an expert who will help in preventing accidents that can occur from unprofessional handling of materials and tools. Some installations might seem simple but tiny mistakes can cause big problems some of which are irreversible.

It is better when the fundi is from the same company you get the materials from because they also understand the products better.

Have you ever asked yourself how much you could save in time and money if you used experts for your entire project? Often companies give discounts to clients that choose to use their full service.

Experts also offer advice for maintenance of the project being constructed or installed.

Experienced fundis who specialize in shade solution installations have broad knowledge.

Some projects require site visits that enable the fundis to make better material decisions. If a person chooses one company to purchase materials and hire the installer from, they are bound to learn a lot from them.

These professionals offer invaluable information that independent contractors may not have. Utilize the opportunity and learn different things about your materials, their usage and above all, maintenance and safety.

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Most of us have hectic days and an opportunity to maximize efficiency while saving money brings peace of mind when investing in projects that require fabrication.

You do not have to worry about finding fundis to complete your project after buying materials that you have little knowledge about. When you work with professionals from the company, you are assured of efficiency and quality work. Reliability goes hand in hand with efficiency and reputation.

Fundis from the company you buy the materials from rescue you from dealing with unprofessional people that will waste your precious time when trying to outsource.

For example, a company that supplies shade netting for different functions aligns its workforce with the quality that they offer. You are assured of trustworthiness from them as opposed to seeking help from fundis outside the company. Honestly, going cheap on fabrication and installation is often not a good idea.

It is necessary to consider everything involved and to seek professional assistance when making this decision.