Why a Bush Wedding?

A Bush Wedding in Kenya

safari bush wedding by tarpo industries

Every time someone mentions a wedding in Kenya, you can already picture it in your mind. There’s Church, a reception at some old boring garden hotel and then the Mukangala dance. I am not saying that the Mukangala is bad but come on, we have heard it enough times. How about when the next bride calls you, you try something different. Something that she will remember for the rest of her life. A wedding that is not only memorable, it is remarkable.

A wedding in the bush is a very romantic way of saying, “I do.” This is exactly why you should be taking advantage of this. Let’s stop for a minute, Close your eyes. I’m serious, close them. Now imagine waking up to wondrous sounds of the wild. The trumpeting of the Elephants as they head to the waterhole or an array of different birds chirping as the sun rises painting the sky blue. The perfect background as your couple say their vows as the sun sets. A landscape so refreshing it reminds you of the water you drunk 7 years ago in Mt. Kenya. Then later, at the reception, everyone dancing the night away in an elegant star-filled sky dinner reception, with lions roaring in the distance. Magical right! Nothing can match the magic and authenticity that nature brings to your event.


Kenya is known for its beautiful and breathtaking scenery most of which have never been explored fully. Kings and Queens have been made in this country. Think of Queen Elizabeth II going to sleep at the Treetops in the Aberdares as a princess. And in the morning when she came down she was the ruler of a whole empire. That is the character of this nation. It is your duty to make every event you create as exceptional as possible. As an Event planner, finding and transforming an untouched location in the bush, raw, authentic with wildlife included into an elegant setting that has to simply be extraordinary can be difficult. I can understand that. This is exactly why every other event planner shies away from the challenge. But you are not every event planner. You are you, the finest event planner this city has seen. This is where we come in.

As many like to say and all wedding planners know, the Devil is in the detail. You could choose to go with a safari theme, the big five, animal prints, or maybe your favorite birds like the peacock or flamingo there is so much to choose from. Depending on what accents you want to use to carry the theme, this could guide every element you require for the wedding. From your invites, menu cards, to the decor and even your room drops. Yes, you get to do room drops when you have a bush wedding. How cool is that? Room drops = accommodation = extended stay. Yeah, you get to have a massive camp out for your friends and family in the bush.

tented camp by tarpo industries
Tented accomodation for you and your geusts

Depending on where the Venue is, there are several options to choose from. From Hotels to tented camps and cottages. However, the ideal thing to do would be to set up a mobile camp. This allows you to personalize and choose where you want your guests to be and what features you want them to wake up to or enjoy throughout their stay. Allowing you to share the magic that nature brings and leave a lasting impression.

Here are some mouthwatering offers. For the bride, we will go all out, the Kifahari package. Yes, luxury in the middle of the jungle. Look at this beauty below. Your clients might even decide to have their honeymoon happen right here.

maridadi camping package by tarpo events

The parents of the bride and groom should be honored on their kids’ special day. So might I suggest the Maridadi package? It features one of our finest tents, the Riverside tent. With 4m by 6m of space. It is bigger than the average bedroom. You can choose to give every member of the bridal party one of these. They will be so happy they will forget the stress of helping prepare for the wedding.

Then the guests. We want them to be as comfortable as if they are in their own homes. This is why the safari package is best suited for them.

Enough privacy to keep everyone warm and cozy but open enough that there is a sense of community. Look at this baby below!

safari camping package by tarpo indsutries
bundu camping backage by tarpo industries

Then the kids. Children can be either the most stressful element of an event or the most blissful. The older kids especially do not want to be in their parents’ tents.

They want to be with each other. Where they can listen to good music that their parents will not approve of while telling exaggerated stories of how their high school is better. The Bundu package is everything they have ever dreamed of.

So imagine how your bride will look like walking down the aisle. Virgin grass at the sole of her feet, the pathway lined with roses that have traveled a 100 miles to be there with her. The backdrop being Africa’s skyline. Every tree fighting for the chance to be in that frame. You can almost smell it, the smell of Kenya in the morning. The way scorched earth smells like after a light rain shower. Your guests sheltered beneath a Kizingo flysheet. Just enough shade to keep the hot sun at bay. But the flaps raised so that the breeze comes and goes as it pleases. Your guests looking adoringly at her. Some will be a little bit jealous of the event you just pulled off. Just a bit. Because their wedding was not as spectacular as the one you have planned.

It looks and feels every bit like Africa. And it is all because of you.

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