A-frame Function and Party Tents

  • Style
    • Party Tent
  • Material
    • PVC
  • Color
    • White
    • Stripped
  • Sector
    • Shades

Party Tents - A-frame

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High-quality, heavy duty and durable function or party tents for sale to be used as: 

  • wedding tents
  • hosting occasions and events
  • event tents
  • corporate fair tents
  • exhibition hall tents
  • graduation ceremony tents

The standard fabric is white PVC coated polyester with three walls and a cover.
The windows of the party tent are made from clear PVC material.
The frame is made of steel alloy.
The party tent design can be customized to include a 4th wall and/or groundsheet.
The party tent’s walls or roof can be branded if required.
This party tent comes with a packing bag for storage.

Capacities differ depending on chairs and tables arrangement and size of the tent as demonstrated below.

Suggested Capacity


Seated (Chairs Only)

Seated (Chairs & Tables)

A5.75 (8ft x 8ft / 2.4m x 2.4m) 8-10 pax 3-5 pax -
A9 (10ft x 10ft / 3m x 3m) 10-12 pax 8-10 pax 6-8 pax
A18 (20ft x 10ft / 6m x 3m) 30-35 pax 15-18 pax 10-12 pax
A20 (15ft x 15ft / 4.5m x 4.5m) 35-40 pax 15-20 pax 10-12 pax
A30 (18ft x 18ft / 5.5m x 5.5m) 45-60 pax 25-30 pax 15-20 pax
A36 (20ft x 20ft / 6m x 6m) 65-72 pax 30-35 pax 20-25 pax
A45 (22ft x 22ft / 6.7m x 6.7m) 80-90 pax 40-45 pax 25-30 pax
A64 (26ft x 26ft / 8m x 8m) 120-125 pax 50-65 pax 35-45 pax
A72 (30ft x 26ft / 9m x 8m) 135-145 pax 65-70 pax 40-45 pax
A54 (30ft x 20ft / 9m x 6m) 100-105 pax 45-50 pax 30-35 pax
A81 (30ft x 30ft / 9m x 9m) 150-160 pax 70-80 pax 45-50 pax
A72 (40ft x 20ft / 12m x 6m) 135-145 pax 65-70 pax 40-45 pax
A108 (40ft x 30ft / 12m x 9m) 200-215 pax 100-105 pax 65-70 pax
A144 (40ft x 40ft / 12m x 12m) 275-285 pax 135-145 pax 90-100 pax