Butterfly Folding Chair in Canvas

  • Style
    • Furniture
    • Camping Chairs
  • Material
    • Canvas
  • Color
    • Dark Green
    • Beige
  • Sector
    • Tourism & Camping
    • Events


AS kids, some of the most enjoyable and unforgettable memories were those spent over the holidays. It was always thrilling to visit new places and play with other kids. Now as adults, things haven’t changed a lot, we still yearn to enjoy your free time with people we cherish and create indelible memories. What has changed is the fact that it is now our responsibility to ensure we have a good time. The Butterfly Folding Chair is here to help.

This chair allows for luxury and simplicity to coexist. The Butterfly Chair can be considered simple when it comes to its design but it is among the most luxurious furniture. You can often find the chairs in five-star hotels and in the coolest back yards.

Our Butterfly Chair is made of quality canvas material and I want to let you in on some of the advantages that make people love it so much;

  • What makes canvas eminently durable Is the pattern used during weaving that ends up forming very sturdy yarn.
  • Spills are inevitable. They suck a lot but they are inevitable. Canvas makes it easier for you to clean and to enjoy your furniture without the constant fear of ruining it.
  • Outdoor friendly.

You need furniture than can stand the test of time, especially if you want the it to be used outdoors. Canvas material is able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy wind, rains and intense sunlight.

Our Butterfly chair is flexible, that is what you are probably going to love most about it. It comes in handy during picnics, camping, lounging while you read your favorite book, basking under the sun and the most exciting is during safaris. The Chair is available in dark green and beige which are natural tones that provide cool aesthetics in the wild.

The Natural tones our chairs come in assure you that there is no risk of clashing with different colors that may already be in your space. Apart from that, natural tones stay in style and do not feel dated. Feeling and looking stylish should after all be the aim.

The other cool thing about the Butterfly Chair, is that it is collapsible and portable. You need something you can easily fold and hop on to the next adventure without requiring lots of space while transferring it to different spaces.

Our Butterfly Chair will stir up Your holiday spirits. While you embark on multiple adventures, bring along our Butterfly Foldable Chair and put it to test.