Camping Bedside Table

  • Style
    • Furniture
    • Camping Table
  • Material
    • Steel
  • Color
    • Black
    • Beige
    • Green
  • Length
    • 0.4m
  • Width
    • 0.4m
  • Center Height
    • 3.7m
  • Total Volume
    • 0.6m
  • Sector
    • Tourism & Camping


It shocks me that people actually feel guilty when they take time to slow down and rest. Slowing down helps you delight in a profound feeling of wholeness. Intentionally creating time to rest and break away from your busy schedule will recharge your energy. You can always find ways to incorporate some rest time to rejuvenate your spirits and ensure you show up for work and maintain good relationships with the folks around you.  Today, you are encouraged to have some fun during your rest time and carry our Camping Bedside Table with you.

People love getting value for their money. That is what you get when you purchase the Camping Bedside Table. Some of its qualities;

  • Durable and lightweight.

It made of steel and has a detachable wooden top.

  • Comes in different colors.

Available in Black, Green, and Beige.

  • It is stable.

Trust it not to spill your drinks. Wobbly tables are not the best!

  • Foldable hence Easy to transport.

It has foldable legs that make it easy to transport. This is very convenient because you can fold it and keep it away when it’s no longer in use.

The Camping Bedside Table is multifunctional. Some of the fun activities you can do as you enjoy its functionality;

  • While you are out there camping Our table will be your buddy. You can enjoy a meal on it or place different essentials you need close to you as you sleep at night. You should be able to embrace the ability to gape at an irresistible landscape without any intrusion might be exactly what you need.
  • Our Table will help you come up with a beautiful set up for your food. To be honest, we all know picnicking is all about the good food. Nature is beautiful and you need a dose of the good stuff it has to offer. Do that as you enjoy the company of your loved ones.
  • Safaris. You need to enjoy a drink in the wild. Our Table provides the comfort of not having to constantly hold them when you stop to enjoy the scenery.
  • Balcony Area.

The Camping Table ensures you have a chilled time by providing a surface to place your drinks or books if you love reading. Being outside can be good for your wellbeing even if you consider yourself to be an introvert. You don’t have to go too far, think of fun things you do even from home. Utilize that extra balcony space and get some air.

Slowing down Helps you appreciate the little big things. A teeny bit of gratitude always goes a long way. Psst! Do not forget to include our Camping Bedside table in your adventures.

foldable bedside camping table