Camping Stool – open frame

  • Style
    • Camping Chairs
    • Furniture
  • Color
    • Beige
    • Dark Green
  • Sector
    • Tourism & Camping
With Dark Green frame

closed stool.Weight 3.4kgs.VolumeL 1.45ft.W 1.25ft.H 2.85ft 2


This Camping Stool is your perfect outdoor companion. You can live in the moment, enjoy your conversations and get lost in nature as you use this stool to sit on or place different things. Things that would hinder your concentration. Sometimes it’s your camping gear as you set up, a water bottle or other times, Your sunscreen at the beach. This stool combines simplicity and lots of convenience.

The Camping stool comes in Beige and Dark Green. Natural tones are enticing. Natural colors can provide a calming effect to temporary spaces and make them feel like home.

Why you should consider purchasing;

  • Durable

The stool’s construction ensures it will serve you for a long time.  It comes in a metal frame that is covered with strong polyester canvas. The material is easy to clean and dry incase you accidentally have anything spill on it. Canvas is considered a great outdoor fabric because of it’s heavy-duty, durable and sturdy qualities. Durable and beautiful furniture is where it’s at! You need something that looks good but also gets the job done and that is what we provide.

  • Portable

The Stool is foldable and opens easily when you finally need to use it.

Nothing screams convenience during camping than having gear that is lightweight and foldable. Its size ensures comfort but also swift transportation. This stool saves on space as it fits perfectly in a backpack or at a specific corner of your car.

  • Versatile

The Camping Stool can either be used outdoors or indoors. Versatility always equals to value for money. With this stool you are able to use one item differently. If you love coastal vibes, bring it to the beach and place your moisturizing lotions or books. If you’d rather spend your time camping the stool offers vast uses too, you can sit on it, place your food or place other belongings that you might have. It is equally perfect for picnic setups, fishing and on the lawn.

The stool is not only an attractive companion, it is also very useful judging from all its qualities. You can have it in your car ready for when unexpected occasions arise and you or your friends need to sit.

Purchase this Camping Stool and let it provide a sturdy surface to sit on or place different belongings. Once you are done, tuck it away and move on to the next adventure.