Canopy Cover Repair and Replacement

  • Style
    • Awning Shade
    • Canopy Shade
    • Sail Shade
    • Shade Canopy
  • Material
    • Airtex Acrylic Canvas
    • Canvas
    • Polycarbonate
    • PVC
    • Shadenet
  • Color
    • Beige
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Olive Green
    • Stripped
    • White
  • Length
    • 1m
  • Width
    • 1m
  • Total Volume
    • 1m
  • Sector
    • Shades


Tarpo provides solutions that solve the actual problem and ensure you do not hurt your pocket while you do so. It is always a sad affair when you spend a huge amount of money on something, only for it to come apart in the end. If you ask some people what they think about repairs, they will tell you they are life savers. We share the same thoughts with them. Repairs come unexpectedly but what most people do not realize is that they give your structure a second chance. Heck, even human beings are always preaching about second chances. Even good things can sometimes face malfunctions, that does not mean they are damaged. Tarpo Prides in offering a variety of services such as welding, sealing and stitching of torn canopy roof cover, leaking canopy shade covers.

Tarpo has the expertise and equipment suitable to tackle repairs and replacements on;

  • Sail Shades.

Your shades need to be repaired at some point, especially after months of extreme weather conditions which may leave them with malfunctions. Tarpo will help you repair your sail shades and make them useful and attractive again.

  • Canopy Shades.

We will have a look at your current structure and advice on what needs to be rectified.

  • Carports. Our trained personnel will be happy to rejuvenate your Carport. After we are done you shall be enlightened on some maintenance tips.
  • Gazebo Covers.
  • Pergola Shades.
  • Parasol Umbrella Covers.

Apart from that, we provide new canopy covers for already existing canopy shade frames.

We offer different fabrics for waterproof Canopy Covers;

  • PVC

Helps to trap heat from the sun and in return keeping your space insulated on the cold days.

  • Acrylic Canvas

Durable and vibrant fabric.

  • Waterproof Shade net.

Shade nets can be used as privacy screens as well as for providing shade.

  • Pu Coated Canvas.

It is lightweight and breathable.

Has a finite lifespan and is less likely to be affected with factors such as growth of mold. This fabric is also said to be easy to decorate.

It saves you money and time when you can tell and accept that your structure has reached the end of the road. There are times when repairs do not work anymore. Swallow the hard truth and invest in new structures that will serve you better.

Get canopy cover repair and replacement for any outdoor fabric of your choice in Kenya and Across East Africa. We offer canopy cover repair and replacement for sail shades, canopy shades, carports, gazebo covers, pergola shades, and parasol umbrella covers. We use various fabrics for waterproof canopy covers eg, PVC, waterproof shadenet, Acrylic canvas, and PU coated canvas.

We do welding, sealing and stitching of torn canopy roof covers, leaking canopy covers and old canopy shade covers. On top of that, we provide new canopy covers for already existing canopy shade frames.