Classroom Relief Tent


  • Style
    • Classroom Tent
  • Material
    • PVC
  • Color
    • Beige
    • Dark Beige
    • Dark Green
    • Green
    • White
  • Sector
    • NGO
Class Room Tent for saleClassroom Tent in PVCClassroom Tent with Blackboard

Classroom tent for remote areas easy to set up, in PVC designed for NGOs working in remote and disaster-stricken areas In Kenya and East Africa.

Even in times of disaster, or in remote areas facing hardship, learning still needs to continue regardless.

The Classroom Tent is designed to fit this need for a simple, practical shelter that offers quick pitching and multiple applications.

In addition to being used as a classroom, it can also be used as a clinic tent, dining area, storage area or even as a distribution point.

It is single roofed with separate walls and is made entirely of PVC material.

The tent comes with one wall made of black PVC to act as a blackboard.

It can be customized to include a separate PVC groundsheet. Different classroom tents can be joined together using toggle reinforced joints to lengthen the shelter.

The classroom tent can be used as a temporary or semi-permanent shelter. It is useful in disaster and relief situations where the rebuilding of the classrooms is not easily feasible. The classroom tent is multi-purpose and suitable for distribution centres, classroom dining, classrooms & clinics. It is not suitable for accommodation purposes. The tent is single roofed and could be customized to have a separate groundsheet of PVC
material as the floor.

Heavy Duty PVC 600 GSM
Resistance to water penetration No water can infiltrate the tent.
Finish Uniformly applied and free from cracks and flaws.
Colour options white, green, and beige.

General Performance
As a temporary or semi-permanent shelter
Single roof tent supported by a sturdy galvanized frame. It is welded to closely fit the tent
frame and is held in position using nylon rope for roof tensioning on the inside.

Classroom Tents Sizes.

Classroom 6m x 4m Classroom 6m x 6m Classroom 9m x 8m
Length (m) 6 6 9
Width (m) 4 6 8
Centre height (m) 3.05 3.05 3.5
Wall height (m) 2.15 2.15 2.15
Windows 6 6 6
Weight (Kgs) =(frame + cover) 192 295 498
Packages 4 4 5