Dispensary Tents


  • Style
    • Frame Tents
  • Material
    • Canvas
    • PVC
  • Color
    • Beige
    • White
  • Sector
    • NGO
    • Military
Multi-purpose suitable for hospitals & clinics.

Relief Dispensary Tent
Dispensary Tent is based on ICRC/IFRC specifications and is used by all the major relief organizations in the time of emergency. It complies with the normal standards of all the relief organizations.

The medical dispensary tent for relief is single roofed, made of canvas and waterproof PVC skirting and a separate PVC groundsheet that is fastened to the bottom of the wall skirting using toggles. The tent is draped over a sturdy alloyed steel frame. Proper tensioning and additional stability is provided by staked guy ropes attached to the outside of the walls.

It is made of naturally breathable canvas and meshed windows allow vapour to escape and proper air circulation, optimizing ventilation. Several dispensary tents can be joined to each other using toggled roof extensions, resulting in an extended shelter. The dispensary tent for relief and emergency response can be supplied with additional Rain Fly for extra protection and extra shade Door flaps overlap and can be secured snugly using toggles, ensuring the tent is impenetrable to insects when closed.


Dispensary Length (m) Width(m) Center Height(m) Wall Height(m) Windows Weight(Kgs) Frame +cover Packages
5.5m x 5m 5.5 5 2.5 1.91 4 194 3
6.5m x 5m 6.5 5 2.5 1.91 4 251 3