Canvas Document Bag

  • Material
    • Canvas

Document Holder


The Canvas Document Bag is meant to help you stay organized. Organization is the secret to increase your productivity. Once you assemble all of your important work documents in the Bag, it will instantly become easier for you to remember important unfinished tasks. In such cases, the Document Bag will act as a reminder. The bag will also help you avoid losing your documents.  Imagine losing vital documents few minutes before your work meeting and you needed to present the lost documents to your boss and colleagues, tragic! Such things can be avoided when you arrange all the important documents in a Bag and constantly check to confirm everything is in place.

The Canvas Document Bag is:

  • Durable

Made from high quality canvas fabric. It is a heavy-duty fabric that is anti-wear and will serve you for a long time. Quality will always remain our number one priority.

  • Portable

The bag has a simple compact design. It has been designed to house only important work essentials. It allows you to transport your documents easily and safely on a daily basis. You can now comfortably move freely during fieldworks without your hands full of documents.

  • Versatile

The document Bag can be used on different occasions. It Can be used while travelling to store important documents such as maps and passports or when you want to go from work to the club without having to worry about your huge briefcase.

  • Dirtproof and Waterproof.

Keeps your documents safe from dirt and liquids. You will no longer walk into meetings with documents that have been rained on or eaten by your dog.

Limit your document bag to those items and documents you constantly use and put the rest away. It is important to remove clutter not only in your Document Bag but also in your life. Clutter has a negative impact on your life. Your physical surrounding greatly influences your emotions, relationships and performance at work. By organizing your Document Bag every evening or morning before work, you are deliberately taking steps to ensure you have a good day.

The small things always compound and become big things. Keeping your documents in order might look like a small thing but it will eventually change your working experience and productivity levels.