Foldable Exhibition Tent

  • Style
    • Exhibition Tents
    • Frame Tents
  • Material
    • Aluminmium
    • PVC
  • Color
    • Beige
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Light Blue
    • Off White
    • Stripped
    • White
  • Length
    • 6m
  • Width
    • 3m
  • Total Volume
    • 18m
  • Sector
    • Events
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Foldable exhibition tents that are, easily portable and even easier to set up. The exhibition tents can be branded with your brand's logo and colours to advertise your brand and make it recognizable.

These foldable tents are best suited for trade fairs and exhibitions. The foldable tent frame is made in aluminium which makes it lightweight.

For convenient storage and movement from one location to the next, these exhibition tents come with a carrier bag.

The tents are available in two sizes 3x3m and 6x6m. The two sizes have different capacities depending on the number of people you would like in your exhibition booth and the size of your merchandise.


A lot of advantages are linked to using a tent during your corporate events. As a corporation, your efforts surpass your products and services. To make money, you need to spend money. In this case you will be spending money to purchase our Foldable Exhibition Tent that will prove helpful during events as you try developing rapport with your customers.

The Foldable Exhibition Tent is;

  • Durable

The tents are made of aluminum frame and PVC covers that provide an eco- friendly and long-lasting solution for your brand. PVC is known to be flexible and sturdy. These materials ensure your set up does not fall and remains stable the entire time.

  • Detailed Customization.

The tents can be branded with your brand logo and different pictures that speak about your brand. You need to first of all grab the attention of your prospective clients before you even thing of translating them to sales. Come up with designs that beg to be seen and increases chances of customers stopping by your tent.

  • Versatile

It is perfect for most outdoor activities. Useful during picnic dates, flea market, festivals and small family gatherings. You and your loved ones can enjoy sunny and rainy days with maximum protection under the tent.

  • Portable

This design is foldable and lightweight. Its qualities make it even easier to transport, set up and dismantle after use. Storage has been simplified since the tents come in a storage bag. After use, store safely inside its storage bag.

  • Available in a variety of colors.

The tents are readily available in Beige, Blue, Green, Light blue, Off-white and stripped white. If you want people to easily identify your brand by its color you have to stay consistent. Choosing a few distinct colors and complimentary tones will work better than using the whole rainbow.

It is vital to take a break from the office once in a while. Outdoor events expose your staff to different environments and test their creativity levels. The tents ensure you have the comfort of indoors while you enjoy the natural surroundings and atmosphere.

Tents allow you to take your business anywhere. You should not be limited to particular spaces when you can use tents and reach larger numbers. Take advantage of flea markets and show the world your merchandise. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to grow your business and take it to greater heights.