Foldable Safari Camping Chairs

  • Style
    • Camping Chairs
  • Material
    • Canvas
    • Steel
  • Color
    • Beige
    • Dark Green
  • Length
    • 0.5m
  • Width
    • 0.5m
  • Center Height
    • 0.5m
  • Sector
    • Tourism & Camping
safari folding camping chairfolding camping chairsMetal Folding Canvas chair.Weight 6.6kgs.VolumeL 1.85ft.W 1.7ft.H 3ft e1580288603616camping chairsMetal folding chair e1580288396131


We are constantly coming up with outdoor furniture that will simplify your life to some extent. You can be able to enjoy your outdoor time conveniently with the help of our Foldable Camping chairs. The design is modern and stylish.

Reasons why people love the Foldable Chair;

  • Longevity

The chair can either be;

  • Steel frame with wooden armrests.

Wear resistant and long lasting.

  • Complete wooden with wooden armrests.

High-quality wood that ensures it is stables and stays in place.

The fabric of the chair can either be;

  • Canvas

Canvas is sturdy and long lasting. It also easy to wash.

  • PVC

PVC is Lightweight and flexible. This aids in making the chair portable.

  • Acrylic Canvas.

Is vibrant and durable. It is also air permeable making the final product more comfortable.


  • Portable and Comfortable.

The chair is foldable and is equipped with a backrest and armrests. Camping and Travel lovers will enjoy this Chair because its foldable nature makes it compact and easy to transport from one destination to another. During camping and other outdoor activities, you need to be comfortable to be able to enjoy the moment fully.

  • Versatile

You can either take it on the road during your trips and Safaris or you can use it at home on your porch. Comfortably sip on some juice and read a book while seating on the chair. Once you are done, fold it nicely and take it back to the house.

  • Easy to clean.

Its fabric is easy to clean and dry. Do not stress over spills and dirt. You can easily clean the seat and use it again once it’s perfectly dry.

The Foldable Chairs are readily available in Beige and Dark green. Since this seat will mostly be used outdoors, we wanted it to blend with your surroundings.

Unplug from your usual schedule and deliberately set time to rest. Taking a break gives you the opportunity to develop new hobbies and passions. It also improves your physical and mental health. Rest will help you feel rejuvenated and increase your productivity level.

Together with your squad, grab this Foldable Chairs and put them to test. You could chose to sit around a bonfire and tell memorable stories or settle for a picnic gathering with all the yummy food that tickle your tastebuds.