Food safe Pillow tank 1000 Litres

  • Material
    • PVC
  • Color
    • Dark Green
  • Sector
    • Agriculture
    • NGO
    • Tourism & Camping
Collapsible container for temporary storage of food safe liquids including water and milk.


The Food Safe Pillow Tank is an innovatory storage solution for food and different types of liquids including water and milk. It is a quick affordable solution when there are minimal funds for a permanent structure. Food Safe Pillow Tanks can be used by different industries such as Disaster Relief, Military, Agriculture, Tourism and different NGOs.

Advantages of the Food Safe Pillow Tank;

  • Longevity/Durable.

Has been designed with high quality PVC that is strong and flexible. Our manufacturing experts came up with a design that is shaped (Rectangular) to provide maximum stability. It does not wear out quickly and will serve you to your satisfaction.

  • Simple Installation.

Our Food Safe Pillow Tank is easy to install making it convenient for areas that frequently require emergency aid. It will ensure you do not waste much time trying to figure it out when setting up. Our experts will give you the simple instructions to follow and you will be good to go.

  • Portable

The PVC fabric used is lightweight to ensure ease of transportation. This quality makes it easy to move in between sites if the need arises. The Pillow Tank is also collapsible and takes up less space during storage. When you are searching for a pillow tank, you want something that is easy to deploy in cases of emergency.

  • Low Maintenance.

It has been built to survive in different environments without needing huge maintenance. Take care of it and it will take care of you too.

  • Versatile

Usage can be both long or short term at home or on sites. This can be a good solution for larger families who might be in need of affordable large water storage containers. Event organizers can also take advantage of this idea to be able to provide drinking water for their audience during events easily.  Pillow tanks can be set in a variety of locations including camp sites and in the field.

The Food Safe Pillow Tank is made on order. It is the perfect embodiment of quick fix, zero struggles. Most of the time in life that is what we need, a quick fix with zero struggle. Everybody loves a struggle free life, and that is why we do what we do. To enable you to have designs you can count on to make work easier and interesting.