Industrial Aprons

  • Color
    • Navy blue
  • Sector
    • Agriculture


The purpose of our Industrial PVC Apron is to protect workers against any injuries and different health risks in the work place. Aprons go a long way in offering protection to people who work in various industries such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Hospitals and food service industries among others.

Qualities of our PVC Aprons:

  • Durable

It is lightweight but durable and sturdy. The neck and waist ties are long enough to ensure the apron is comfortable and stays in place. It will serve you for a long time without wearing out quickly.

  • Easy to clean.

The fabric is easy to clean and resistant to dirt. They also take a very short time to dry. You do not want work equipment that is stressful because your work is already enough to handle.

  • Versatile

Can be helpful in a variety of work places such as;

  • Can be used by hotel staff during preparations of food or while cleaning dishes and the surrounding.
  • It is ideal for farmers who get involved in dirty work in the farm. Every farmer surely needs one of this.
  • Laboratories

Individuals who work in the lab and get to handle different chemicals definitely need to have an apron. It protects them from the harmful chemicals that would potentially cause harm.

  • Lightweight

The Apron is made from PVC fabric which is lightweight and breathable. This will ensure individuals do not get sweaty and remain comfy as they work.

Reasons why you need a PVC Apron while working;

  • Protecting your clothes from dirt and any hazardous material.

Our Apron enables you to go home without looking crazy on the way. Imagine getting sharp stares on your way home because your clothes are messy and dirty, nobody wants that.

  • Increases Productivity.

Every work place deserves to have people who are not afraid to give their all. When people know they are safe and protected it gets easier for them to work without worries. There will be a difference between a garden which is taken care of by a gardener who wears an apron and one who doesn’t. The latter will constantly be worried about getting dirt all over themselves and forget to focus on the task at hand.

  • Increases freedom of movement in the work place.

Our Industrial Apron is unisex and free size. It is normally available in navy blue or dark green. We are ready to better your work experience!