Lamu 2-man Canvas Camping Safari Tent


  • Style
    • Pole Tents
    • Safari Tent
  • Material
    • Canvas
    • PVC
  • Color
    • Beige
    • Dark Green
  • Length
    • 3.8m
  • Width
    • 2.7m
  • Center Height
    • 2.7m
  • Side Height
    • 1.5m
  • Total Volume
    • 41.6m
  • Capacity
    • 2-3
  • Sleeping
    • 2-3
  • Sector
    • Military
    • NGO
    • Tourism & Camping
  • Use
    • Semi- Luxury-Accommodation-Tents

Enjoy a peaceful camping safari in Kenya and in East Africa with the Lamu 2-man canvas camping tent. The Lamu Tent offers the same functionality as the Chyulu Tent but is more spacious with a higher standing height at the centre. It is a double roofed with an inner tent and outer flysheet made of canvas.

A sewn-in PVC groundsheet is used as flooring. The inner tent is draped over a robust alloy steel frame.  Sturdy guy ropes staked to the ground tension the flysheet to prevent water collection, as well as provide additional support to the poles of the frame, securing the tent’s stability in windy conditions. Ventilation has been optimized through the use of meshed windows and naturally breathable poly-cotton canvas that prevents the build-up of condensation inside the tent. Doors and other openings have been zippered and/or velcroed to insect-proof the tent.

The standard tent design can be customized to include an optional veranda and takes 3 people approximately 1 hour to set-up.