Metal Folding Safari Camping Table

  • Style
    • Camping Table
  • Material
    • Steel
  • Length
    • 0.6m
  • Width
    • 0.6m
  • Total Volume
    • 0.4m
  • Sector
    • Tourism & Camping
Foldable bedside tableMetal folding tableTable metal green 6x3.Weight 22.6kgs.VolumeL 6ft.W 3ft.H 2ft 2 e1582194030536


If you truly want to have a good time camping, you definitely need to get you some camping furniture. The purpose of the adventure should be to relax and enjoy with maximum comfort unless you fancy placing your food on a stone and eat with the crawlies if you are generous. Our Metal Camping Table is all you need to complete your camp set up.

Qualities of the Metal Foldable Safari Camping Table;

  • Portable

The Metal Folding Tables have collapsible legs that fold independently of one another. This feature enables it to be convenient for camping since it gets easier to transport and move around with. It is also lightweight to ensure you do not have heavy language. Comfort is key when it comes to camping.

  • Available in different shapes and sizes.

You’ll be spoilt for choice since the table is available in either square, rectangle or circular shapes. It also comes in different sizes; it all depends what you intend to use it for. For example, rectangular tables will come in handy if you’re working with narrower spaces. Such details will guide you on what to settle for.

  • Durable

It is made of strong steel material that will last long. Whatever you place on this table will stay there because it’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble.  Durability is one of the qualities we will always uphold.

  • Versatile

It’s insane (in a good way) how versatile this table is and that is what you ‘ll probably love most about it. While you are out camping, you can have meals and drinks there or use it to place your valuables when you are done with meals. Apart from that, the table is perfect for setting up picnics. Picnics are all bout aesthetics and this table is a good place to start. You bring the food, we bring the vibes. You want something you can use even after your camping escapades.

  • Easy to set up.

The table is simple and easy to set up. It also folds neatly once you are done.

Clearly now you understand that investing in quality camping furniture extends beyond the camping ground. These are items you can use in your daily life for different things, it also depends with how creative you can be. However you decide, our Metal Folding Camping Table will make it worth your while.

The metal folding safari camping tables are exclusively made from steel with collapsible legs/support. They can be square, round or rectangular. Metal
folding safari camping tables have legs that mechanically fold independently of one another, and not as a set.
The tables are intended for light use.

The tables are of the following sizes:

Metal Folding tables sizes