Pallet Covers

  • Material
    • HDPE
  • Color
    • White
    • Dark Green
  • Sector
    • Agriculture
    • Transport & Vehicle Covers

We are the leading manufacturers of HDPE pallet covers using high density laminated P.E sheets in Kenya. HDPE sheet palette covers can be used to cover and protect the goods on a pallet during storage and also they are very useful during shipping. 

If you are looking for a strong packaging solution to shipping, the HDPE woven polyethene material is the best option for manufacturing in pallet cover design. Woven polyethene as plastic in manufacturing allows for a packaging option with optimal strength.

Pallet covers are made to take up the size and shape of the palettes. We custom make the pallets to fit the size that you want.

HDPE pallet covers are reusable and can serve for many years, unlike nylon covers which are not reusable.

HDPE fabric is UV treated to protect your goods from solar degradation and exposure. HDPE fabric is also waterproof, rot-resistant and mildew resistant. It is available in gauges of 300 gsm and 200gsm thus making it heavy duty and very durable. Pallet covers also offer protection against dirt, dust, and physical damage to goods.

Our palette covers provide immense protection to items that are stored in warehouses or shipped to close or distant destinations on pallets.