Relief Tents


  • Style
    • Frame Tents
  • Material
    • Polyethylene
  • Color
    • Dark Green
    • White
  • Length
    • 4m
  • Width
    • 4m
  • Center Height
    • 2.2m
  • Side Height
    • 1.8m
  • Total Volume
    • 35.2m
  • Capacity
    • 8 to 10
  • Sector
    • Military
    • NGO
Quick relief shelter suited for disaster situations.

Kosovo relief tents are shelters that offer quick pitching and practicality is essentially useful in disaster situations.

The Kosovo line of tents does just this. Double roofed, with both the inner tent and flysheet made of polyethene (P.E.) material. P.E which is waterproof is excellent in withstanding the harsh effects of the elements while at the same time lending a lightness to the tent.

The groundsheet is also made of P.E. material and is sewn into the inner tent. The inner tent and flysheet are supported by a sturdy alloyed steel frame. Meshed windows ensure proper ventilation. Doors and other openings have been zippered and/or velcroed to insect-proof the tent.

Kosovo 16 can sleep up to 10 people at its maximum capacity.

Kosovo 9 can sleep up to 8 people at its maximum capacity.

Relief Tent Features

P.E. Material for inner and flysheet Required minimum values
Composition High-density polyethene.
Characteristics Characteristics Water-proof, sun-resistant, anti-ageing, tear-proof, corrosion-resistant.
Colour options Dark green or beige.
Window netting

Relief Tent Sizes

Pole Type Tent Kosovo 9 Kosovo 16
Length (m) 4 3 4
width (m) 3 3 4
Center Height (m) 1.9 2.2 2.2
Wall Height (m) 1.8 1.8 1.8
Capacity 6 4 6
Windows 4 5 5
Weight(Kgs) Frame + Cover 14 64 72
Packages 1 3 3