Sleeping Mat

  • Color
    • Beige
    • Dark Green
    • Light Blue
  • Sector
    • Tourism & Camping

Sleeping mat for camping or exercise. This sleeping mat is an excellent choice for backpacking trips when deflated.  The sleeping mad has an easy to handle valve for inflation and is thick for optimum sleeping comfort.


A sleeping mat is 100% necessary for camping enthusiasts. Sleeping mats are lightweight pads that are placed underneath sleeping bags. They ensure your sleeping bag is protected from the ground, especially from water.

Qualities of the Sleeping Mat:

  • Comfortable

It is thick enough for optimum sleeping comfort. Comfort while sleeping is something you should never compromise on. A good night’s sleep can boost your mood and increase your productivity and concentration. You won’t have to worry about any of this if you have the perfect sleeping gear that actually does its job.

  • Durable

The fabric used to make this mat is of good quality and is wear resistant. It also has good grip ensuring it stays in place.  It is important to invest in a quality sleeping mat because in the long run it will also increase the shelf life of your sleeping bag. Remember it acts as a barrier between the ground and your sleeping bag.

  • Versatile

The mat can be used for sleeping or exercising. It works well for exercises such as yoga since it provides a stable surface. Doesn’t it sound fun waking up to exercise in the wild and look elegant while doing it on a beautiful mat? You can also use the mat to lounge outside when the sun is out. Camping gear that performs more than one role is the key to reducing heavy load.

  • Warmth

This mat is warm enough to avoid losing heat to the cold ground which is very dangerous.

  • Easy Inflation.

It has an easy to handle valve for inflation. It is also super simple to deflate.

  • Portable

It is lightweight and flexible. You can travel with this mat anywhere you wish effortlessly.

  • Breathable

Has been built to allow air circulation. Our aim is to help you create a conducive environment that ensures you are sleeping peacefully though the night.

You might have had this a million times already but it is wise to always plan ahead, especially when travelling. Planning ahead gives you peace of mind on the actual day and it cancels out any chances of forgetting essentials. It also ensures you are not over packing since you have adequate time to think about what you actually need. Remember the number one rule of camping is not to over pack.