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Tents & Shade for Schools Enhances Safety and Extends the Classroom

Life amidst a pandemic is difficult, to say the least. We have gotten to witness tremendous shifts in our normal lives. Waking up one day and it was life threatening to leave your house without a mask and woe unto you if your hands come in contact with your face before you sanitize them. COVID-19 is very audacious! In a pandemic, nobody is fully prepared for what’s coming. There is no trailer and you deal with things as they come which is quite unfortunate. Suddenly we have to change our way of life. From the way we socialize, work, to the way our children learn. After months of being freaked out, it is clear we need to adjust to the new normal.

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School Shades To Extend Class Rooms

School going kids have been out of school for a long time. Apart from the fear that they might forget all they learnt before, their parents are under stress because children require time and attention which is not at their disposal. They have jobs and are required to put food on the table at the end of the day. The solution here is to get these kids back to school but we have a pandemic and they need to stay at least 6 feet from each other according to the ministry of health guidelines. How then do teachers hack having all the kids back to school without risking their dear lives?

Classroom Tents To Help Maintain Social Distancing standards

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Primary Schools

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Secondary Schools

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It has been suggested that for social distancing to be observed, teachers should consider teaching under trees. There are many cons to that. Instead of trees, why don’t we install classroom tents in schools and learning institutions to help combat the dire situation? There are a number of reasons why schools need to embrace the use of classroom tents instead of trees.

First, tents are flexible. That means you can choose to have them without walls or with walls whenever weather conditions call for it. Trees cannot withstand harsh rainfall and wind but with tents we no longer have to worry about what will happen when the heavens decide to bless us with rain. Also, tents come in different sizes, it all depends with your needs. I wonder how many trees we would need to provide shade considering the population of students in our schools and still be able to maintain social distancing while at it.

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Create Outdoor Classrooms with Shade

The concept of outdoor learning is a good one. We just need to execute it in a manner that will provide the safest environment for our children as they learn. Tents do provide good circulation of air and that is very vital in the fight against coronavirus.

Another advantage of tents is that installing them is not time consuming and for the school administrations that feel like getting tents will leave them at a loss once the pandemic is over I have some good news for you. It is possible to hire tents but even if you decided to purchase them they would serve you for years. You’ll be able to host outdoor meetings with ease or also hire them out when you are no longer using them.

Outdoor learning is a concept that learning institutions should consider in order to ensure safer environments for both learners and teachers. Installation of tents is the quickest and simplest way to execute this. Tough times call for us to be innovative and open-minded.


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