Kizingo Ensuite Safari Tent


  • Style
    • Frame Tents
    • Safari Tent
  • Material
    • Canvas
    • PVC
  • Color
    • Beige
    • Dark Green
  • Length
    • 5.3m
  • Width
    • 2.7m
  • Center Height
    • 2.5m
  • Side Height
    • 1.7m
  • Total Volume
    • 35.8m
  • Capacity
    • 1-2
  • Sleeping
    • 1-2
  • Sector
    • Military
    • NGO
    • Tourism & Camping
  • Use
    • Semi- Luxury-Accommodation-Tents
    • Disaster Relief Tents
    • Luxury Safari Tents

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Tarpo Kizingo Ensuite Safari tent is a double roof with a canvas inner tent and an outer flysheet made of PVC material that provides weatherproofing. Unlike the Kizingo standard tent, the Kizingo Ensuite Safari Tent has a bathroom extension(shower +  toilet) self-contained unit.

The bathroom unit comes complete with plumbing that s a 20-liter foldable shower bucket, toilet seat and ground mats

This compact 2 man safari tent then has a sewn-in PVC groundsheet stitched to the canvas is used as flooring for the inner tent. Kizingi safari tent has optimized ventilation through the use of meshed windows and naturally breathable poly-cotton canvas that prevents the buildup of condensation inside the tent.

The Kizingo Safari Doors and other openings have been zippered and/or velcroed to insect-proof the tent. The extended flysheet together with a 1.7-meter long outer groundsheet provides ample room for a verandah. Both inner tent and outer flysheet are anchored by alloyed steel frames, resulting in a sturdy structure. The tent has a 2-meter extension at the back of the tent for a toilet and shower.

The Kizingo Ensuite Safari tent takes 2 people approximately 30 minutes to set-up.