Single Peaked Design Party and Function Tents

  • Style
    • Party Tent
    • Party/Function Tents
  • Material
    • PVC
    • Steel
  • Color
    • White
    • Stripped
  • Sector
    • Events
  • Use
    • Events Management

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High-quality single peaked design party and function tents for sale for various capacities depending on chairs and tables arrangement and size of the tent as demonstrated in the table at the bottom.

The single peaked design for party tents is best suited for a square dimension where length=width

The standard fabric design is white PVC with three walls and a cover. The walls are detachable

The windows of the party tent are made from clear PVC material.

The frame is made of steel alloy.

The party tent design can be customized to include a 4th wall and/or groundsheet.

The party tent’s walls or roof can be branded if required.

This tent is perfect for;

  • hosting occasions and events
  • party tents
  • corporate fair tents
  • exhibition tents
  • graduation ceremony tents
  • wedding tents

We not only make party tents that are sturdy and secure we also offer fantastic prices for long-lasting party tents.

As an events organiser or events manager, you require waterproof, stable and sturdy party tents to keep your guests protected from weather elements whatever the season.

Our party tents are designed as year-round protection, from harsh sunlight to spontaneous showers during your outdoor party or event. We use 400GSM to 600GSM  PU coated water-resistant PVC  fabric.

Remember to look after your party tent by taking it down at the end of the day – leaving it up overnight exposes it to damage from heavy rain and strong winds.


Suggested Capacity Standing Seated (Chairs Only) Seated (Chairs & Tables)
P5.75 (8ft x 8ft / 2.4m x 2.4m) 8-10 pax 3-5 pax
P9 (10ft x 10ft / 3m x 3m) 10-12 pax 8-10 pax 6-8 pax
P20 (15ft x 15ft / 4.5m x 4.5m) 35-40 pax 15-20 pax 10-12 pax
P30 (18ft x 18ft / 5.5m x 5.5m) 45-60 pax 25-30 pax 15-20 pax
P36 (20ft x 20ft / 6m x 6m) 65-72pax 30-35 pax 20-25 pax
P64 (26ft x 26ft / 8m x 8m) 120-125 pax 50-65 pax 35-45pax
P54 (30ft x 20ft / 9m x 6m) 100-105 pax 45-50 pax 30-35 pax
P81 (30ft x 30ft / 9m x 9m) 150-160 pax 70-80 pax 45-50 pax