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Create a shelter from the sun in your residential or commercial garden by installing a Pergola Shade or a Pergola patio shade. We offer very flexible options to help you realise the best pergola design for your space.

Pergola shades come in two main options, freestanding pergolas or wall-attached pergolas. Freestanding pergola shades can be erected anywhere in your space, to let you choose the ideal place to enjoy the great outdoors with protection from the sun. Attached Pergola sun shades connect directly to your home or structure, adding an element of style to any walkway.

Pergola Shade Cover

We also have a variety of outdoor fabrics to choose from, to make your pergola completely weather-proof e.g PVC, Shadenet, Acrylic Canvas and Polycarbonate sheets. Our fabrics are made to withstand the weather in the great outdoors. The frame can be made from galvanized steel bars or from treated wood or a combination of metal and wood.

Pergola Shade Design

We are flexible when it comes to design, however, we prioritize the functionality and applicability of the shade structure. Therefore we will work with you to understand your needs and help you achieve the most functional and ideal solution with your dream in mind. 

We bring high-quality expertise when it comes to Pergola shades constructions. Unlike most of our competitors, we do all the design and calculations required to achieve the desired solution. We not only provide beautiful structures, but we also ensure that they are practical and built to last. Our goal is to create an outdoor living space that is beautiful, comfortable, and will offer you years of enjoyment. 

Pergola Shades  Applications

Our customers find many unique ways to use their Pergola Shades, but here are the most popular:

  • car shades to  protect your car
  • cover your deck
  • cover your patio
  • protect your barbeque or outdoor dining area
  • put next to your pool
  • adorn a garden