PVC Membrane Aircraft Hangers

  • Material
    • Steel
    • Aluminmium
    • PVC
  • Sector
    • Civil Works Contractors
    • Military
    • Oil, Gas & Mining
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PVC Membrane Aircraft Hangers are shade structures used to protect aircraft, aircraft parts and machinery from the weather and can also be used for service and maintenance of aircraft.

Tarpo aircraft hangers are always custom-made and designed per-project basis. From the beginning of the project, we are always in close cooperation with the client. This is to help us design efficient hangers to fit the type of aircraft, the dimensions and equipment to be stored in the facility. Also, the usage of the aircraft hanger determines our design process, such as construction materials, door dimensions, ventilation and accessories, e.g electrical installations.

Our aircraft hangars are membrane hangers. They can be designed, and installed as steel or aluminium structures, covered with the PVC membranes.

The PVC membrane is a weather-resistant fabric that is made to withstand all outdoor elements e.g rain and UV rays. They are also easy to clean simply by wiping with a wet cloth.

Tarpo aircraft hangars that are used just for storage and their primary task is to protect the aircraft from the weather. 

Installation time for the aircraft hangars is per design basis. The bigger the structure the longer it takes but it is within a period of a few weeks to a month.

Our aircraft hangars can be installed as permanent structures or semi-permanent facilities. Hangars with a steel structure are a bit more flexible and the frame can be easily shortened or extended if necessary. Also, they can be moved to a new location in one piece if necessary. 

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