PVC Membrane Biogas Storage Tanks

  • Material
    • PVC
  • Color
    • Dark Green
    • Black
    • Olive Green
  • Sector
    • Agriculture
    • Civil Works Contractors

Biogas Storage Tanks in PVC Membrane

Biogas storage tank by Tarpo industriesPVC membrane biogasholders by Tarpo industries limitedPVC membrane biogas storage tank by tarpo industriesPVC membrane biogas storage tank by tarpo industriesPVC membrane biogas storage tank by tarpo industriesPVC membrane biogas storage tank by tarpo industries

Biogas Tanks

We make and supply flexible, economical and reliable biogas storage tanks using PVC membranes in Kenya. PVC membrane gasholders are quick to manufacture and install. They are stand-alone therefore very economical and flexible.


Our membrane biogas digester tanks and structures are designed to meet the requirements of the biogas industry. Our PVC coated biogas membranes are made to ensure reduced methane permeability and are resistant to elements as well as UV treated.


Our biogas PVC membranes are the polyester fabric that has a special coating on both sides making it very resistant to everyday wear and tear. The PVC membrane is very flexible and versatile and can be manufactured to fit to almost any shape or size of new or existing steel/concrete tank.


The base material of the PVC membrane consists of high-strength polyester yarns which give PVC a high tensile strength. The polyester woven base cloth is stabilized and protected by multiple layers of PVC, specially developed for biogas applications. 


Silo Covers

Silo covers in PVC by tarpo industries limited 2Silo covers in PVC by tarpo industries limitedSilo covers in PVC by tarpo industries limitedPVC membrane silo covers by Tarpo industries limited

Biogas Roofs and Covers

We also design and install PVC membrane biogas covers for silo containers, containers and tanks.

Liquid manure, wastewater tanks and silo containers do not spread the most pleasant smells, and should not be unnecessarily filled up with rainwater.

Biogas roofs made of membranes are a highly efficient solution to both problems: the surroundings are shielded from smells to the greatest possible extent while the cover prevents rainwater infiltration. Our PVC biogas membranes are also highly resistant to aggressive substances that can develop in the condensate.